My great grandparents, Augusto and Serapia Tulba, were Sakadas arriving in Hawaii In 1916.  They came here from the Philippines for agriculture work and the promise of a better future for their family.

Like thousands of others they labored hard, 10-12 hours per day, six days a week, resting only on Sunday.  They were paid $20 per month, provided housing, food and medical coverage for the family, which was a major improvement from their life style back home.

My work ethic and family first principal all come from the paternal side of my family.  The opportunistic attitude that brought them to Hawaii is alive in me today.  The sense of self-reliance and personal responsibility, taught to me by my father, are mainstays in my life, and are why I hold a deep respect and great pride in my Filipino heritage.

Being recognized as one of Hawai’i’s Top 100 Influential Filipinos with an exhibit at the Bishop Museum is an answer in part to the dreams of my Sakada family members.


Augie Tulba, Candidate

Honolulu City Council District 9

October 2020